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Established 2022 - Mobile, AL


Hello, and thank you for visiting Succulent Greens! My name is Lou, and my family and I own a little farm in Mobile County, Alabama, which is located west of the city of Mobile. We had the notion of growing our own food because of rising inflation and food shortages.

Young and Tiny Delicious Supergreens!

When my mother became ill, none of the medication that was recommended for her appeared to help. After some time, supplying her with healthy food was the only viable alternative to treating her with medication. In the beginning, we started cultivating a variety of plants, including tomatoes, basil, mint, Vietnamese coriander, and Thai chilies, among others. I took her off the medication and started looking into the health advantages of supergreens instead of the traditional fruits and vegetables. Following that, we moved on to exploring microgreens, which are gaining an ever-increasing amount of popularity. These teeny, weeny plants certainly carry quite the powerful punch! She began to feel better in a short amount of time! We then started cultivating a greater diversity of microgreens. Thus, Succulent Greens was born.

From Our Farm to Your Table

We sincerely hope that our Microgreens are as bit as delicious to you as we believe them to be! Not only are they delicious, but they also provide optimal health advantages too! Because we eat every single one of the microgreens that we sell, you can be assured that we cultivate them with the utmost care and take great satisfaction in doing so. What we grow ends up on our plates. It goes without saying that you can anticipate some love and passion to be poured into the cultivation of our delectable greens. We want to express our gratitude for your visit and assure you that the services and goods we supply will be of the highest possible standard.

- Lou
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Meet The Family

We might be a small team of mother and son, but we pack quite a punch, just like our delectable plants!